Your Dream Home Is Here

It suddenly dawned on me that I may, after all, have gained some knowledge to write about investing in property. Well, don’t hasten to conclude that I am a real estate consultant; at least not yet. My hunt for property started when our family decided to relocate to stay closer to the heart of the city. Taking into account our needs, we had zeroed in on a particular locality and thus began my search for apartments for sale in Puzhuthivakkam. In the process, I have accumulated decent knowledge on what to look for (and I owe my thanks to those who had helped me along) while buying a home, factors to consider and pitfalls to avoid so that you end up with a winning bargain.

Location Matters Most

The most important factors to consider while buying a home are the neighbourhood and the budget. While the size of the budget can be compromised by stretching a bit (too much, at times) for the right property, you possibly cannot afford to take chances where the locality is concerned. I have three good reasons for opting to buy an apartment at Puzhuthivakkam. Here you go.

1) Schools: If you have kids at home, your topmost concern would be easy access to the right school. There are quite a number of good schools in and around this area. If your children are grown up and probably off to work, it is still worthy to consider a locality, which has access to good schools. After all, you have to maximize your investment, right? If and when you decide to sell your apartment to upgrade to a much better lifestyle, having schools around would fetch you a better deal.

2) Transport Facilities: It is great to have a dream home but a ‘dream home’ in a remote area with no infrastructure can turn into a nightmare. What is the point in having a great home where sunrise and sunset views are beautiful, but the distance to your workplace makes you start before sunrise and return late in the night when stars blink in the sky and the entire neighborhood is asleep? Obviously you have no time to unwind and relax in the excellent atmosphere. At least, you can save your energy and fuel to help pay your EMIs comfortably.

Puzhuthivakkam has adequate transport facilities as it has a bus terminus that takes you to some of the important areas in and near Chennai including Chennai Central, Koyambedu, High Court and Sriperumbudur. Small buses that are run by the State Government take you through the area and to nearby places. With the proposed MRTS at Puzhuthivakkam to be completed shortly, the area is very much on Chennai’s map of important localities.

3) Budget: If you are already beginning to get interested in buying a property in Puzhuthivakkam, I would just like to say ‘Hurry up’. Well, this exactly is the right time to invest in a flat in Puzhuthivakkam as the locality is receiving more attention and the infrastructure is getting better. The rate is still lower than those in some of the adjacent areas including some parts of Madipakkam and every inch of Nanganallur, Adambakkam and Velacherry. With the facilities adding up, you will soon find the prices to go high.

It may not be possible for every one to live in the heart of the city; neither is it necessary. Your choice of neighbourhood should be based on your needs. A perfect locality should have quality schools, shops, health care centres, proper infrastructure and transport facilities. And they should fit in with your requirements – the school should be the right fit for your children, the transport facility should make your commute easier and you should feel at home once you return after a hectic day’s work. Puzhuthivakkam offers you all these and more. Let us move on to know more about Puzhuthivakkam, how it compares with the adjacent localities and the flats for sale in Puzhuthivakkam.


About yaazhhini

I am a freelance writer and online consultant. While I enjoy writing on a wide range of topics, my passion lies in writing on health - naturally so, since I am a yoga therapist as well. You are most welcome to visit my yoga blog Real estate is my new found love. The more I write on Chennai's real estate, the stronger gets my bonding for the city, which has a rich history.
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  1. Natarajan Kumaravel says:

    Excellent Guidelines to those who desire to buy a new home in Chennai .


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